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Zarri, Jason


In Memory of Jason Louis Zarri

June13, 1986 to October 31, 2014

May Jason rest in peace!

 Condolences in the Contra Costa Times

Catholic Obituary Pages

Dear readers,

in Jason passing away Scholardarity has experienced a severe set-back, and I have lost a true friend. When after grieving I can begin to work on Scholardarity again, this work can only proceed in his memory.

Jason did not live to himself and he did not die to himself. When he lived, he lived to the Lord and when he died, he died to the Lord. So when he lived and when he died, he belonged to the Lord. But that is why Christ — the way, the truth, the resurrection, and life —  died and lived again, that he might be the Lord both of the dead and of the living. (cf. Romans 14:7-9)



Education: BA, Philosophy, San Francisco State University; 2010.

Research Interests: Philosophy, esp.  Philosophical Logic, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Wittgenstein.


Scholardarity Books

I Am, Therefore I Think: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy

Scholardarity Articles


A Critique of Alison M. Jaggar on Abortion

A Dilemma for Dialetheism (Also available as a PDF)

Don’t Think of a Square Circle!

How to Know What Should Be So: Ethical Guidance and Ethical Theories (Also available as a PDF)

Hume on Causation, Relations and “Necessary Connexions” (Also available as a PDF)

On the Moral Equality of Humans and Animals

On the Paradox of Deontological Restrictions (Also Available as a PDF)

A Primer on Logic: Part 1

A Primer on Logic: Part 2

A Primer on Logic: Part 3

A Primer on Logic: Interlude

A Primer on Logic: Part 4.1

Quantification without Quantifiers (or Epsilons). (Also available as a PDF).

On the Relativity of “Reallys”: A Critique of Strawson (Also Available as a PDF)

A Review of The God Delusion

On Searle’s Chinese Room Argument

Should Scientists Ignore Philosophical Theories of Evidence? (Also available as a PDF)

Singer’s “Famine, Affluence and Morality”: Exposition and Appraisal

A Synopsis of Singer’s The Life You Can Save (Also available as a PDF)

Truth-making and Reference-making

Ways Modality Could Be: Revised and Expanded (Also available as a PDF)

What Theories of Knowledge are Theories of


Scholardarity Study Notes

An Argument Formalization of “Realism,” by Michael Smith (Also available as a PDF)

A Brief Sketch of Kant’s Critical Philosophy (Also Available as a PDF)

Notes on Hilary Putnam on the Nature of Mental States (Also Available as a PDF)

Notes on Timothy Williamson’s Lecture “Logics as Scientific Theories”

Philosophy of Language Notes Part 1: Wittgenstein (Also Available as a PDF)

Philosophy of Language Notes Part 2: Kripke, Naming, and Private Language (Also Available as a PDF)

A Summary of Mackie’s “The Subjectivity of Values” (Also available as a PDF)



Scholardarity’s Draftboard

Conceivability, Consciousness and the Content of Belief (Circulation Draft)

On Divine Explanation and Divine Freedom (Circulation Draft)

Hume’s Functionalism About Mental Kinds (Circulation Draft)

Some Strong Conditionals for Sentential Logics (Circulation Draft)

Ways Modality Could Be (Circulation Draft)

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