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Get recognition and receive income from your research by publishing with Scholardarity.

For contributions of 7,000 words or less, no subscription required to submit or publish with Scholardarity. For longer contributions, subscriptions are $15.00 per person per year. You may subscribe here. If you would like to submit a contribution, you may do so using the form provided below. Then, if the information is not included in your contribution, please provide us with your name, your discipline, college or university affiliation (if any), and any contact information you wish us to have, by sending an e-mail to peterdkrey@gmail.com. After review, we will inform you of whether or not your work has been accepted for publishing in Scholardarity. You can choose to make your work available for free, or to sell it as a PDF file. In the future, you will be able to e-publish your work in online books or journals. If we decide to publish your contribution, you may choose whether to make it available for free or to sell it as a PDF with a charge of no more than $4.99 per download. To submit a contribution to Scholardarity, please use this form:


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