I Am, Therefore I Think: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy


I Am, Therefore I Think:

A Historical Introduction to Philosophy




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Peter Krey and Jason Zarri



Although the word ‘philosophy’ etymologically means love of wisdom, this is not its
only meaning, though it may be its most important one. Philosophy also encompasses rational
inquiry and argumentation in general, and is not restricted to any particular subject matter. The
word “philosophy” may thus be defined, more broadly, as careful, sustained, critical thought
about anything you could possibly think of. It is our conviction that this book will vindicate this
definition. In what follows you will encounter a wide range of the ideas and arguments of some
of the world’s greatest philosophers. In keeping with the spirit of our definition of philosophy,
you will not only learn what these ideas and arguments are, but also develop the ability to
critically evaluate them based on the support given for their assumptions and the quality of their
internal logic. We write this book with the hope that when you finish it you will be both better
informed about philosophy and better equipped to practice it.

Part I: Ancient Philosophy



The Presocratics



Many thanks to Mark Krey for his illustrations, Joshua Krey for the cover and to Scott Ryan for reading and editing the text!

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