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Krey, Peter


Pr. Peter D. S. Krey, M.Div., Ph.D.

Website: peterkrey.wordpress.com

Born in Erfurt, Germany

Married Nora Zapata of Bogota, Colombia






(See below for Curriculum Vitae)





Sword of the Spirit, Sword of Iron



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I Am, Therefore I Think: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy


Love Poems for your Valentine

Peter Krey


Valentine Poetry_COVER (2)

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Instead of chocolates, why not buy some poetic confections for your valentine? This collection of poems contains nuggets from the treasure trove of chivalrous Medieval love poetry. Believe it or not, many of these poems, from the Carmina Burana, were found in a Benedictine monastery! Some of the poems are also written by knights. Such poetry eventually developed into our modern conception of romance. Some of them are also mine.

Here’s a short preview:

These Medieval Love Poems are from the German:

Three Versions of „du bist mein, ich bin dein“:

You are mine, I am yours.
You can be sure it’s true.
Into my heart, I’ve gotten you,
Locked its lock,
Lost the key,
So you’ll never get back out, you see.

The second:

I love you, you love me.
We’re in each other’s hearts, you see.
So let’s lock the lock,
Throw away the key,
So we belong to each other eternally.

In Shakespearean English

Thou art mine, I am thine!
Certain of this, thou must be.
Locked thou art
within mine heart.
Lost is the key,
Thou must therein forever be.

Here’s the Love Poem transposed into modern German:

Du bist mein, ich bin dein.
Des sollst du gewiss sein.
Du bist verschlossen
in meinem Herzen;
Verloren ist das Schlüsselein.
Du musst immer drinne sein.

If this Whole Wide World Were Mine
If this whole wide world were mine,
without qualms,
I’d give it up any time,
My queen of charms,
Just to have you in my arms.

Translated from old German (ca.1050-ca.1450)

Were this whole world mine
From the great sea to the Rhine
I’d leave it without qualms,
if only the queen of England
were in my arms.

Could this have been for
Eleanor of Aquitaine or of Poitiers?

In modern German:

Wär alle Welt mein,
vom Mär bis an den Rhein,
des wolt ich keineswegs ersparen,
so nur die Königin von England
würde liegen in meinen Armen.

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Scholardarity Articles

Dobzhansky, Theodosius.    The Biology of Ultimate Concern

The Ethics of Belief: James versus Clifford   (Also available as a PDF)


The Garden of Eden and Eternity in Time


The Impact of Language on Society (PDF)

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Juergen Habermas: the Life-World and the Two Systems (PDF)


Justification is not by Race — Luther’s Theology and a Biblical Basis for Antiracism (Also available as a PDF)


Whitford, David M.    Luther: A Guide for the Perplexed


Luther and Heraclitus


Martin Luther and Theologia Germanica and
the Philosophical Influence of Boethius

 $ 3.99


The Metaphysical Apple


Notes on another Reading of Martin Luther’s “Freedom of a Christian” (PDF)

Part 1: Luther in Relation to the Peasants’ War


Part 2: Luther and The Niebuhr Brothers

 $ 3.99


Part 3: Apologists for Luther’s Theology and the Two Kingdom Theory

 $ 5.99


Part 4: The Great Peasants War: A Little Known Story

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Opening a Psalm and Exploring Psalm Therapy

Peter Krey

The opening up of a Psalm can be a powerful therapeutic experience for a person in distress. Oftentimes the reader is helped, when he/she reads the Psalm aloud. But it is not merely the oral recital of a Psalm that reaches a person, of course, but the possibility of a certain oneness [in the distress experienced] by the 
reader and Psalm writer, or writers if others have added their brush strokes to the Psalm. Given a certain person, a Psalm can awaken a helpful feeling in him or her, putting a person’s dilemma into so many words. In such a way, what brought comfort, catharsis, or celebration to the vibrant and living person of antiquity could touch a person these many centuries later, break a negative pattern, and open up a new perspective for his or her situation or way of life.

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Luther and the 28 Articles of Erfurt

 $ 4.99




The Great German Peasants’ War: a Social-Linguistic Approach

 $ 2.99

Science and the Hidden versus the Revealed God


Themes in the Life and Thought of Luther: Six Mini-Lectures


What Happened to the Reformation?


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Curriculum Vitae


1992-01   Graduate Theological Union Berkeley, California: History of Christianity

Doctor of Philosophy, May 10th 2001

Dissertation: Sword of the Spirit, Sword of Iron: Word of God, Scripture, Gospel, and Law in Luther’s Most Often Published Pamphlets 1520-1525


Doctoral Committee:  Prof. Christopher Ocker, Chair,

San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California

Prof. Thomas A. Brady, Jr., University of California at Berkeley

^Prof. Timothy Lull, Pres., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary


Dissertation Abstract:

The first part of this dissertation contains bibliographical research results regarding Martin Luther’s best-selling pamphlets. In part two Luther is studied as a pamphlet writer, and the four themes of the title are traced through his most often published pamphlets, arguing that Luther carves out an inward realm of Christian freedom that promotes a sense of self and social agency, which stress spontaneity and freedom against what Luther perceived as a juridical or even legalistic ethos of the church of his day.

(During the research for this study, I discovered that much more was involved than a “juridical or even legalistic ethos.” Two ecclesiastical court systems existed when Luther committed the canon law to the flames on December 10th 1520. The church’s legislation through these powerful courts allowed it to rule by law with complete jurisdiction over some people and some jurisdiction over all people of that day.)


Five Comprehensive Examinations Areas

1. Early Church: Origen, Council of Chalcedon, Monasticism 2. Modern Church History: Non-Western, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Vatican I and Vatican II, Christianity in Latin America andCapitalism with a Human Face for Community

3. Martin Luther, Early Modern Europe, and the Reformation 4. Research Paper for Oral Examination:  The Peasants’ War and the Word of God, the Failed Popular Reformation of 1525: a Social Linguistic Approach (passed 5/13/97)

5. Luther and the Peasants’ War: Twentieth Century Debate


Before my Ph.D. Graduate Studies

1967-71   Hamma School of Theology at Wittenberg University Springfield, Ohio     M.Div. Degree

1962-67   Northeastern University, Boston, Mass B.A. Degree with High Honor Cooperative five year Work-Study Program, with English Teaching Certificate

1958-62   Haverhill and Wilmington High Schools, Massachusetts (Valedictorian)

Other Educational experiences without degrees

1990-92   Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

1973-75   Free University, Berlin, Germany (Helmut Gollwitzer)

1970      Clinical Pastoral Education in Los Angeles

1968-69   and 1976 Inner-city Ministry Training First Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio under the Rev. Leslie C. Schulz, D.D.



Worship Song Book and CD: 12 Songs with 15 tracks on the CD, Self-Published and available for purchase. (I’m a trumpet player and have composed about 65 songs.)


Luther’s Spirituality: with Dr. Philip Krey, (New York: Paulist Press, March 2007).


“Luther’s In Depth Theology and Theological Therapy,” SeminaryRidge Review vol. 11 No. 1-2 (Autumn 2008-Spring 2009): 97-115.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Berlin (1932-1933) Vol. 12, First translator: the Definitive English Edition of Bonhoeffer’s Works.


Pending Publication


Reformation Commentary on Romans, chapters 9-16, InterVarsity Press, projected for 2013.

Word of God, Theology of the Cross, and the Language of God: Luther’s Commentary on the Joseph Narratives. Augsburg Fortress, hopefully.



Classical languages:  Latin, Greek, and Hebrew / Modern Languages: German: fluent, French in college and graduate school and Spanish in ten years of ministry.


Professional Academic Experience

Gettysburg Symposium Luther Lecture: “Luther’s In-depth Theology and the Possibility of Theological Therapy” (10/29/2008)

Instructor, Philadelphia Community College, 2007: History of Western Civilization, Part II, Instructor, Diablo Valley College, 2004-2006: Philosophy of Religion, History of Philosophy Part I and II; and Introduction to Philosophy / Instructor, Vista, Alameda, Laney Community Colleges, 2002-2006: Human Values/ Ethics and Introduction to Philosophy Belief and Believers: Comparative Religions / Instructor, Los Medanos Community College, 2001-2006: Introduction to Philosophy, Honors Comparative Religions, Ethical Inquiry into Contemporary Societal Issues, and Critical Thinking/ Logic

Lecture Series, Concept 2000, Four Lectures, San Jose, CA, 1997, “Language and Social Change”

Teaching Assistant, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Introductory Theology for Pres. Timothy Lull, 1994-1998 and for Advanced Luther Readings for Prof. Robert Goeser, 1995-2000


Unpublished Work

June 1, 1996  Emil Durkheim’s Sociology (for Robert Bellah)

Spring, 1996  Robert Bellah’s Sociology of Religion Lectures Edited and Annotated by Peter Krey

May 6, 1996   “Performative Declarations” (for John Searle)

May 9, 1995   Hegel and the Trinity: Does the Immanent Trinity Precede the Economic Trinity in Hegel? (for Claude Welch)

Dec. 9, 1993   Book Reviews: Carlos M.N. Eire, War Against the Idols and Miri Rubin, Corpus Christi: the Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture

Dec. 30, 1993  Body and Word: Luther’s Eucharistic Language (for Christopher Ocker)

Summer, 1993 “Shinran, the Japanese ‘Luther’ of Pureland Buddhism” (a lecture)

June 6, 1993  Theology of the Word, the Cross, and Language: Luther’s Last Lectures on the Joseph Narratives in Genesis (for Robert Goeser)

Nov. 27, 1992 “Martin Luther, the 28 Articles of Erfurt and the Communal Reformation” (for Peter Blickle)

Some of my Pre-Graduate Unpublished Work

Sept. 20, 1991 The Great Peasants’ War in Germany of 1525: a Little Known Story

April 15, 1990 Luther, the Peasants’ War, and the Niebuhr Brothers

April-May, 1985 Dating the Exodus via Archeological Discoveries

Professional Associations


American Academy of Religion / American Historical Association /American Society of Church History


Previous Professional Experience

2008-10   Co-Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Oakland, CA

2006-08   Pastor of Old Zion Church, Philadelphia, PA: Historical mother church reorganized in 1742 by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

2002-05   Interim Pastor Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Oakland, CA

1997-01   Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Oakland, CA

1994-96   Interim Pastor at First Lutheran Church in Oakland

1992-93   Interim Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church, El Cerrito

1976-92   Pastor of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York: Inner-City Ministry / 1978-91   Directed 14 Vacation Church School Day Camp Programs, as well as one week Leadership Training Laboratories / 1998-00   also 3 VCS programs for St. Johns in East Oakland, CA / 1978-88   Spanish language Services / 1980-92   Mentally Challenged Ministry / 1976      Inner-city training (Pastor Leslie C. Schulz, D.D.)

1975-76   Ecumenical Pilgrimage: Israel, India, Southeast Asia Mother Theresa in Calcutta, Ebu Gedong, Bali, Pres. Tanaka of the Ev. Lutheran Church in Japan

1972-75   Hendrik Kraemer House, an Ecumenical Institute under Domina Bé Rhuys of the Netherlands

1975      ORDINATION by Bishop D. Kurt Scharf (March 2, 1975) Bishop of the Church of Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany

1974-75   Interim Pastor at St. Ann’s in Dahlem-Berlin in the pulpit of Martin Niemöller, famous U-Boat Captain and Pastor of the Resistance

1971-73   Vikar at St. Philip’s (Philippusgemeinde) in Berlin-Friedenau / 1971-73   Eastern Messenger and Fraternal Worker for the Evangelical Church of Germany in Berlin, Lutheran World Federation under LWF Berlin Representative the Rev. Dr. Paul Wee


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