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The Rational Man: A Poem




A rational man took a stroll one day,

and chopped some logic along the way.

Quoth he: “What should a logician say?

Does the law of bivalence hold fast come what may?

How could my mind know it, assuming it’s true,

when with such abstract facts it has nothing to do?”

Repeating to himself the words ‘what’ and ‘why,’

he took little notice of passers-by.

Some laughed, some sang, some played, some cried,

but all the while he tried and tried

to discern what might happen once one has died.

As the day wore on, the skies grew dim,

the path rose up, and the air grew thin,

while he wondered at the heavens and the moral law within.

In his thoughts faint memories stirred, yet were silenced by the din.

One thing too painful to ponder: the life that could have been.

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