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Erich Neumann’s New Ethic and Luther

x Bookmark Here is a review of Erich Neumann’s new ethic for the whole person.


The Metaphysical Apple

x Bookmark Check out this introduction to metaphysics, via different views of The Metaphysical Apple.


A New Book Review: The God Delusion

x Bookmark Check out Jason Zarri’s review of The God Delusion.


New Essays on Abraham Lincoln and Lyman Trumball

x Bookmark Check out these two new essays on Abraham Lincoln and Lyman Trumbull by Nathaniel Bates: The Consistency Of Lyman Trumbull Abraham Lincoln, Lyman Trumbull, and the New Birth of Freedom


A Primer on Logic

x Bookmark Check out A Primer on Logic: Part 1, in which Jason Zarri introduces some basic logical notions.  


New Essay on Martin Luther and Heraclitus

x Bookmark Check out Peter Krey’s essay on Luther and Heraclitus


New film review

x Bookmark Check out Nathaniel Bates’s review of Werner Herzog’s film Cave of Forgotten Dreams.


About our Website: Getting the Humanities into the Sunlight

x Bookmark In Defense of the Humanities – peter krey How can this website help scholars for whom no doors have opened in these difficult economic times and where the job market for those in the Humanities promises only to get worse? Why should a scholar work on a translation and receive less than a more »


Hello world!

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