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Marc Maynon’s New Four Song Album, “Watch Pot”


Marc Maynon’s New Four Song Album “Watch Pot”W201_Watch PotHear Ye, Hear Ye! Mark just came out with a new four song album which is called Watch Pot and the songs are really creative and very enjoyable. They are named “Vintage Lens, You Give Me Something to Live For, I Never Think with My Head, and Sensation.” I also play my trumpet in a few of them, Josh plays his drums, and Ashley has a guitar part in another. In “Sensation” which runs twice as long as the others, Mark put in a violin, stand-up bass, guitar, piano, and even more. I think it ran over 25 tracks! Check it out. You can download it digitally or have him send you a CD at http://marcmaynon.com/ .

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