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Digital Socialism: How Mumblecore Filmmaking is Defying Capitalism (Also available as a PDF)

Mumblecore in Obama’s America (Also available as a PDF)

English Literature


Short Stories
 In “They who Judge” a judge who can see into multiple dimensions uncovers a racist plan to frame an innocent man.  The problem is that the man is a defendant in his own courtroom and he must be impartial as a judge.  He has never revealed his power to see through the matrix of space-time to anyone.  Not to mention the fact that he has fallen in love with the man’s sister.

Nathaniel Bates, They who Judge

Nathaniel Bates, David and Shandy

David and Shandy 051415 (PDF)

Nathaniel  Bates, The Patriotic Time Loop: a New Story   The Patriotic Time Loop


Nathaniel  Bates, Gödel loop


Polk, Downy Gibee the Tyrant


Polk, Downy Two Brief Stories

Polk, Downy Where’s The Love?


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