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Why Not Sell California to Google? Blogging My Thoughts

Blogging my thoughts: The Op-Ed page in the New York Times today was pretty inspiring. Milos Forman, the film director of “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” showed how those who claimed President Obama was a socialist didn’t know what they are talking about. He described socialism as he had experienced it and there is more »


Science should not Step Out of Bounds

Blogging my thoughts:   Science should not Step Out of Bounds (In the Light of Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge) Dennis Overbye in his article “There’s More to Nothing than We Knew” in the Science Times,[1] reacts to Lawrence M. Krauss’ book, A Universe from Nothing, writing that physicists and cosmologists like Krauss are going into philosophical more »


Some Thoughts on William James and the “Science of Religions”

According to William James, religious experience is explanatorily prior to rational accounts of religion, such as those of philosophy and theology. In his The Varieties of Religious Experience he says, “I do believe that feeling is the deeper source of religion, and that philosophic and theological formulas are secondary products, like translations of a text more »


“The Tree of Life” A Philosophical Film Review

“The Tree of Life” A Philosophical Film Review It is rare that an American movie addresses philosophical themes with stunning visuals and a thoughtful macroscopic lens.  “Tree of Life” (2011, directed by Terrence Malick, starring Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt, and Sean Penn) does just that.  In addition to stunning visuals representing the natural history of more »


Scholardarity is now publishing papers for free!

Peter Krey and Jason Zarri, as co-founders of Scholardarity.com, are happy to announce that we are now accepting submissions. Subscribe now and publish your work free of charge. You can choose whether to sell your work or make it available for free. This promotional offer lasts only until June 2nd. We invite you to subscribe more »


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