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Truth-making and Reference-making: Part 1

  Part 1: Introducing the Idea   Jason Zarri In this post I introduce the idea of reference-making, which I take to be more-or-less undefined, and use it to account for the idea of truth-making for subject-predicate sentences. I take a truth-maker to be a reference-maker for a sentence. In Part 2 I’ll give a quasi-formal account of more »


A Problem for Hume’s Problem of Induction

  A Problem for Hume’s Problem of Induction Jason Zarri   Could Hume consistently believe that his argument to the effect that inductive inferences are not justified is successful? In this post I put forward reasons to think the answer is “no.”   Hume, very basically, argued that inductive inferences are not justified because there more »


Towards A Kinder, Gentler Verificationism

    Towards A Kinder, Gentler Verificationism    A Sketch of a Research Project Jason Zarri     It often happens, for various reasons, that philosophers defend radical views which, first, are too radical to be plausible, and second, are such that a less radical and more plausible view would satisfy the underlying motivations. Here more »


Letter to the Editor: Cromwell Wu

6/13/13 To Scholardarity: Cromwell Wu, who is writing in the first person in this article, is a graduate of the interdenominational Fuller Theological Seminary, in Los Angeles County, California, USA and used to be a pastor and teacher.   I hold two ideas of mine to be unique, whereas some other thinkers or scholars in more »


Document that May Have Been Leaked from Alan Sokal’s Desk

Document that May Have Been Leaked from Alan Sokal’s Desk   Posted by Anonymous   The following document is a few months old. It is dated April 1, 2013. It is believed to have been leaked from the desk of Physicist Alan Sokal, whose critique of scientific hegemony has rocked the world of Philosophy. Here more »


The Utilitarian Stance Section 1: The Pursuit of “Pleasure”

The Utilitarian Stance Jason Zarri ~ Section 1 ~ The Pursuit of “Pleasure”: What Utilitarianism Could Not Be There are many things that people strive to obtain: Wealth, power, jobs, friends, material goods, loving relationships… . Is “pleasure” one of them? Well, if by ‘pleasure’ one simply means pleasant experiences, I think the answer is more »


Philosophy Limerick of the Day: David Lewis

  By Jason Zarri   David K. Lewis opined Possibilia should never be quined: Accept possible worlds, and a paradise unfolds None greater than which you can find. And just so you know, I think that’ll be it on the limericks for a while. 😉


Philosophy Limerick of the Day: Ayn Rand

By Jason Zarri   Ayn Rand had an ideology To found philosophy on a tautology: All A are A, at the end of the day And therefore, you must do things her way!


Philosophy Limerick of the Day: Quine

  Willard V. Quine had a plan To put analyticity under the ban He scotched the Two Dogmas, and fought ever onwards To show modality was a sham


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