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Taking a Stand: a New SciFi Story by Nathaniel Bates

The writing of this story needs work, but the futuristic insights make it worthwhile reading. Taking a Stand: a New SciFi Story by Nathaniel Bates


Futurepast: a New Sci-Fi Story by Nathaniel Bates

Also in PDF form Futurepast by Nathaniel Bates


Gödel Loop: A new short story by Nathaniel Bates

Time loops were predicted by mathematician and close friend of Einstein Kurt Gödel.  The past and future loop in to one.  A former radical turned police detective discovers that the road to solving a murder may be found in a Gödel loop that leads him to the past, future, and to the very edge of more »


An Ode to Hume’s Skepticism

An Ode to Hume’s Skepticism By  Jason Zarri The legacy of David Hume, like the appearance of the Moon,  is sometimes waxing, sometimes waning,  but hopefully never, forever fading. The Treatise fell dead-born from the press, The Enquiries had more success, and the Dialogues should still impress all those who in clerical garb do dress. But be you “friend” or be you more »


The Rational Man: A Poem

THE RATIONAL MAN  By Jason Zarri A rational man took a stroll one day, and chopped some logic along the way. Quoth he: “What should a logician say? Does the law of bivalence hold fast come what may? How could my mind know it, assuming it’s true, when with such abstract facts it has nothing more »


New Article by Stephen Lee Naish; “Shut up Capitalism! Beyond the Superhero”

See here: Shut up Capitalism! Beyond the Superhero.  


Link: Steven Pinker, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: The long reach of reason



Digital Socialism: How Mumblecore Filmmaking is Defying Capitalism

Stephen Lee Naish has a new article in Film, Digital Socialism: How Mumblecore Filmmaking is Defying Capitalism


Mumblecore in Obama’s America

A new essay in Film by Stephen Lee Naish looks at how the indie film sub-genre is defining modern America: Mumblecore in Obama’s America.


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